Kiwifruit Plants for Sale

Bruno Rootstock

Our field grown plants:

Bagged Bruno plants available for planting during the year (grafted and ungrafted).

Bounty Rootstock

We supply all plants in bags for planting at any time of the year.
A discount offered for orders of 1000 plants or more.

The Process

Our High Health PSA hygiene starts from the selection of suitable Bruno fruit from which to extract seed.

Before collection the vines are tested for PSA. The fruit is then thoroughly washed and disinfected. Once the seed is extracted it is also disinfected before being dried.

The seed is then germinated and grown on in an enclosed glass house. After the seedlings are hardened off they are field planted.

All plants are guaranteed to be of good quality and health.

Kiwifruit plants are treated with copper prior to dispatch. Plants are bundled in groups of 10. Prior to dispatch leaf samples are sent to Hill Laboratories for PSA testing.