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Welcome to Ohaeawai Nursery

[oh-hi-why] o: place of; haeawai: thermal waters (place of thermal waters)


We can now supply to all North Island region subject to KVH approvals.
Non-commercial and home gardeners cannot  be supplied due to plant  movement controls.  For more details visit Kiwifruit Vine Health


Enviable location

small-map-mangawhaiOhaeawai kiwifruit nursery is located on the outskirts of Mangawhai. With excellent natural water and some of the best deep volcanic fertile loam to be found anywhere in the country our vines grow like the proverbial triffids.


Industry leaders

We are innovators, and lead the industry in best practices as well as quality of plants and high health standards. Disease prevention, nursery hygiene and exceptionally strict movement controls on plant material and people are essential protocols in all of our systems.


Meeting your needs

kiwifruit-tinyWe supply a comprehensive range of quality disease-free Kiwifruit vines, bare root, containerised, grafted, seedlings, growing on lines, seed and scion material.


Value for money

money-plantWe are a specialist kiwifruit nursery. Kiwifruit is all we do. Because we do one thing only we are totally focused on producing the very best high health plants available. Our economy of scale ensures that Ohaeawai’s quality is available at competitive prices.


Quality assurance

logo-squareWe work hard to exceed client expectations for timeliness, high health and quality of plant material. Our success depends on the success of our customers. Our exceptional soil types and technical expertise means we can produce the best field grown root stock available with robust and strong carbohydrate charged root systems. The starting point for any successful high producing orchard. That is why we say “Our pride is in your success.”